Winter Fruits Brioche 

Lauren Gregg, Head Chef at Snape Maltings Café 1885


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Serves 6-8 


Brioche dough

1 ½ cup (375g) lukewarm water

1 ½ tablespoon yeast

1 ½ tablespoon salt

8 large eggs (slightly beaten)

½ cup honey

1 ½ cup (375 g) melted butter

6 ½ cup (1625g) self-raising flour


Winter fruits filling

1 tablespoon ground mixed spice

100 g diced apricots

500 g mix peel fruits

1 zest orange

1 cinnamon stick

100g pitted dried dates



1.       Place all dried fruits and peel into an air tight container, sprinkle over the mixed spice and the orange zest finely grated over the top, mix together and close the lid and leave. (Allowing the flavours to absorb the spice, if you want to add alcohol, add 5 tablespoons of brandy to your fruits now).

2.       Mix the water with yeast, salt, honey, eggs and melted butter into a large mixing bowl (which is large enough for the brioche to prove).

3.       Add flour slowly using a metal spoon and once all flour incorporated, cover with cling film and allow to prove for 2 ½ hours in a warm room.

4.       Roll out the brioche on a floured surface, to a 10 inch square, place fruit over the rolled out brioche and then dust the fruits with ground cinnamon.

5.       Then roll the brioche from one side to the other in a firm roll.  Place onto a greaseproof paper baking tray and with brush (using a pastry brush) with water over the top. 

6.       Place it in the oven at 175’C for 15 minutes.

7.       Once baked golden brown, remove from oven and allow to cool.  Then slice into 6-8 portion, depending on the number serving.

8.       Serve with whipped cream and the option of steamed sliced winter fruits (pears & apple) and a dusting of cinnamon.