Whisky Cured Salmon & Soda Bread

 Louise McKenzie, The Greyhound, Pettistree 


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For the Soda Bread

250g plain flour

200g brown flour

200g porridge oats

15g bicarbonate of soda

8g salt

1 tablespoons of runny honey

1 tablespoons of treacle

1 lemon juiced

½ litre of semi skimmed milk


For the Whisky Cured Salmon

1 whole side of Wild Scottish Salmon, about 1.2kg, skin left on, filleted and pin-boned

125g coarse sea salt

180g caster sugar

100ml 10-year-old Talisker whisky

2 tbsp wholegrain mustard

1 bunch of fennel or dill, roughly chopped



For the Whisky Cured Salmon

1.       Take the prepared fillet of salmon and place it in a shallow baking dish large enough to fit the fillet but also fit in your fridge.  Mix the salt, sugar, Fennel & Mustard. Scatter half the mix into the baking dish, place the salmon fillet on top and scatter the rest of the mix over it before pouring the whisky over.

2.       Tightly wrap with cling film and put in the fridge for 48 hours, turning the fish over after 24 hours.  When it feels firm to touch, remove it and wash under gently running cold water. Pat the fillet dry, wrap it in clingfilm, and return to the fridge until ready to use.


For the Soda Bread

1.       Line a tin with baking parchment and preheat oven to 200 degrees.

2.       Mix the dry ingredients and the honey and treacle together in a mixer or by hand.

3.       Juice 1 lemon and add the semi skimmed milk to make up to 1/2 litre, add to other ingredients, mix well and put into tin.

4.       Cook for approximately 1 hour until bread sounds hollow when tapped.

5.       Leave to cool on rack before using.


To serve

Thinly slice the salmon and serve with dill mayonnaise and slices of soda bread.