Home Smoked Turkey, Cranberry, Suffolk Bacon and Chestnut Terrine

Jason Shaw, The White Lion, Aldeburgh


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Serves 12-14


•    750g of Suffolk Bronze Turkey breast sliced into 1 inch thick slices 
•    500g Suffolk pork sausage meat 
•    Finely chopped Sage
•    100g cooked chestnuts diced
•    100g dried cranberries
•    1 large onion peeled and diced
•    1kg Suffolk maple cured back bacon slices


1.    Smoke Turkey in hot smoker for 6-8 minutes and then leave to cool.
2.    Sweat the diced onion and then add cranberries, chestnuts and sage and put aside to cool.
3.    Line the terrine mould with cling film and then lay in the slices of bacon, slightly overlapping each other, on the sides of the terrine mould. On the bottom of the terrine mould lay 3 slices of bacon lengthways to cover the base.
4.    Combine the sausage meat and onion together and mix well.
5.    Taking a spoon place a 1 inch layer of sausage mix into the terrine and spread evenly. Place the smoked turkey onto the mix and continue the layers until you reach the top ensuring the last layer is sausage meat to seal the terrine.
6.    Fold over the bacon and the cling film and seal air tight then steam at 80-1000C for 1 hour.
7.    The terrine needs to cool and rest for one day and then is ready to be served.

Chef’s Tip

Stove top home smokers are readily available online. For a guide on how to create your own stove top smoker using everyday items from your kitchen visit: