January 2020

Barb Jungr

Jazz and cabaret star Barn Jungr will be performing at an Ink Festival fundraiser at Snape Maltings this month showcasing her latest work. From her early days working in amongst the London comedy scene of the early 80s as a singer and musician alongside the likes of Alexei Sayle, Jo Brand and Julian Clary, to her position now as one of the greatest living interpreters of song, Barb Jungr has devoted her life to entertainment. 

Her new album, Bob, Brel and Me, a piece of work she considers the best she’s ever recorded, may also be her last with Barb declaring “I may not make another”. Mentioned in the same breath as Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone, Barb Jungr’s ability to make others’ songs her own has brought her rave reviews around the world.

Comprising songs from Bob Dylan, to whose work she has been drawn throughout her career; Jacques Brel, with brand new translations by Robb Johnson revealing some lyrics that will have you ushering grandma from the room, and her own compositions, written in collaboration with Mike Lindup, Jonathan Cooper and Jamie Safir. 

Her own tracks are no less powerful, including the introspective Incurable Romantic and the forthcoming single, Rise and Shine, whose lyrics “Rise and Shine/the morning after wine”, offer a glimpse at Barb’s irresistible sense of mischief and true ‘up and at ‘em’ pizzazz. The track No-one Could Ever Wear your Shoes, has particular poignancy, an older track co-written with her much-missed musical partner, Michael Parker. Though this album is a collection of love songs, this in no way limits its breadth of emotion, from punctured love to the love between friends to lust, loss and all points in between.