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Q: When money is tight and you don’t want too much ‘fuss’ what could be better that a do-it-yourself wedding, in your childhood home, organised by your loving family? A: Just about anything!

Chris Chibnall’s clever and hilariously funny play Worst Wedding Ever see’s our soon-to-be-weds manoeuvred into a scenario neither of them wanted, with disastrous consequences offering moments of ‘comedy gold’ as we wince at perfect observations of familiar relationships in a modern family.

Bride, Rachel (Elisabeth Hopper) and Groom, Scott (Nav Sidhu) are an adorable pairing and their chemistry as a couple leads us through the push and pull of family obligations. There’s never a doubt that their intentions are long-term and we were routing for them from the off. Of course Rachel’s Mum, Liz (Julia Hills) and Dad, Mel (Derek Frood), have their own manual for a successful marriage it’s just that they’re not often in the same chapter, let alone on the same page and when Rachel’s siblings arrive on the scene the multi-layered pressures of modern life become only too apparent.

Rachel’s sister Alison, played by Elizabeth Cadwallader, was undoubtedly my favourite. Married young and recently split from her husband she’s still licking the wounds of a failed relationship and her coping mechanisms aren’t too effective either. Rarely seen without a glass of wine in hand she’s a very convincing drunk.  Her Ex, Mike (Lloyd Gorman) along with his band supply the entire soundtrack to the piece, playing live on stage with a well-chosen and familiar repertoire.

It’s a plot that draws you in and has you willing a positive outcome all round and the expert comic timing of the entire cast keeps the action zipping along. But there are tender moments too and I was moved to tears as the themes tumbled to their conclusions.

A must see play from the genius pen of Chris Chibnall, catch it this week while it’s still at the New Wolsey!


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