Artist Susie Mendelsson presents
The Wonderful World of Weird’ in Woodbridge

Artist Susie Mendelsson has exhibited widely over the years – both across the UK and abroad. But now she’s stepped off the treadmill and is focusing only on creating work.

She will be opening her house and studio in Woodbridge as part of Suffolk Open Studios this June. This will be a rare opportunity to see and buy Susie’s work. You can visit between 11am and 5pm on the weekends of 8/9 June and 29/30 June.

Susie first trained as a graphic artist and then spent many years as a painter. But when she moved to Suffolk in 2010, she made an unexpected diversion into sculpture. She has been making three-dimensional work ever since.

The female human figure features in every piece, many of which tell some kind of story. Influences on Susie's work include folk art and ‘outsider art’ (by self-taught artists outside the established art scene). She is also inspired by artists such as Louise Bourgeoise and Paula Rego.

Susie uses a great deal of discarded materials to make her pieces. Things such as newsprint, abandoned dolls, used sugar wrappers, ring pulls from cans, unwanted wood, old beads and string. In fact, anything that can be re-used and re-purposed.

She works daily from her garden studio (a refurbished garage). The psychological landscapes inside people’s heads inspire her more than the Suffolk landscape. Although she loves nature and takes a daily walk by the River Deben.

Her work can be disconcerting and somewhat dark, but always has an element of humour. Like Bourgeoise and Rego, there are traces of autobiography in much of the work. However, Susie’s artwork communicates emotions and concerns that can be recognised by everyone.

Susie has two adult sons and lives with her partner who is a choir leader.

Full details of Susie’s Suffolk Open Studios opening times can be found on her website:

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