See Tidal Energy in Action at Woodbridge Tide Mill this half term

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Visitors of all ages can be enthralled by tidal energy in action this half term at Woodbridge Tide Mill Museum. Through a variety of activities and exhibitions this half term - from Friday 18th October through to Sunday 27th - including interactive milling and wheel turning demonstrations, and a ‘The Moon On The Water: How the Tide built Woodbridge’ exhibition that all help to show the impact of Tidal Energy on Woodbridge then and now.

Woodbridge Tide Mill Museum will run Milling demos at the following times:

  • Friday 18th 11am

  • Saturday 19th 11am

  • Sunday 20th 11am

  • Monday 21st 11am

  • Tuesday 22nd 12 Noon

  • Wednesday 23rd 2pm

  • Thursday 24th 3pm

  • Friday 25th 4pm

  • Saturday 26th 4.30pm

  • Sunday 27th 4.30pm

The Mill will be open as usual for the Moon on The Water exhibition and normal entry fees apply.

Chairman of Trustees John Carrington commented “We are looking forward to being able to captivate visitors of all ages by getting them involved in, and showing them first-hand, how this iconic building captures and uses tidal energy to grind grain. The Moon on the Water exhibition complements our own exhibits to provide a real depth of information on the tide Mill’s crucial role in the historical development of Woodbridge.”

A stone’s throw from Woodbridge Tide Mill, on Tide Mill Way at The Long Shed Museum, there is a ‘Going with the flow’ exhibition on tidal energy that will provide further information and make an excellent additional stop.

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