Seared scallops with fennel & apple slaw 

Andrew Storer, The Anchor, Walberswick



Serves 4 


For the fennel slaw:

2 baby fennel

1 granny smith apple

1 banana shallot finely diced

Juice of 1 lemon

2 x tsp mayonnaise


Finely slice the fennel and salt. Finely dice one apple and add pinch salt, and add the fennel, banana shallot, mayo and lemon juice. Chop the fennel tops finely, check seasoning and mix all together.


Apple sauce

100 ml apple juice

100 ml cider

1 shallot

½ tsp fennel seed

1 star anise

1 grated apple

1 bayleaf



Place all in a pan, and reduce by 2/3 (boil it down) until you get to a sweet flavour. Pass the reduction through a fine sieve to remove the larger particles and stir in 100 g unsalted butter.  Season to taste.


12 scallops


To cook the scallops season pan fry on a medium to high heat for two minutes on one side to colour and then flip and cook for 30 seconds on the other side. 



Make 3 heap piles of the fennel & apple slaw. Place a scallop on each pile. Drizzle on the warm apple sauce. Garnish with mixed sakura cress and a deep fried Lilliput caper.