Roasted crown of duck, sautéed pickled mushrooms, hazelnut, parsnip toffee

 Paul Foster, Tuddenham Mill



Serves 4


2 large crowns of duck
1 bunch of watercress to finish

100g chestnut mushrooms
100g button mushrooms
100g shitake mushrooms
100ml white wine vinegar
50ml water
50g butter
25ml sunflower oil

100g hazelnuts
50g butter
70g sugar

Parsnip toffee
250g large parsnips peeled and chopped
250ml milk
200g sugar
30ml water
200g double cream
Sea salt

Raw parsnip
1 parsnip peeled
1 lemon
Sea salt

50ml mushroom pickling liquor
½ tsp soy sauce
50ml sunflower oil
½ tsp honey



•    Cook the 250g parsnip in the milk until soft and drain well, heat the sugar and water to 185°C, heat the cream in a separate pan and pour onto the sugar whilst whisking continuously. Leave to cool a little and blend with the parsnip until smooth, season with sea salt and pass through a fine sieve. 
•    Shave the peeled parsnip on a mandolin thinly and season with lemon juice and salt, leave in the fridge for 1 hour.
•    Grind the hazelnuts into a powder and heat the butter and sugar to a caramel colour whilst stirring continuously, poor into the hazelnut powder whilst whisking and spread on a tray to cool
•    Pre heat the oven to 220°C, blow torch the skin of the duck and leave at room temperature for 30 minutes to come up to temperature, season with sea salt, place in the oven for  12 to 15 minutes and leave to rest in a warm place 
•    For the mushrooms cut into quarters and bring the water and vinegar to the boil and poor over the mushrooms  leave for 20 minutes and drain well and allow to dry on absorbent kitchen towel, ensure to reserve some liquor for the dressing. Heat the butter in a large pan and sauté until lightly golden. season to taste with sea salt 
•    For the dressing whisk together all of the ingredients and taste to check seasoning
•    Carve the breasts off the duck and trim off any sinew flash for 1 minute in a hot oven to re-heat. Brush the parsnip toffee on the plate, ensure the rest of the ingredients are warm and seasoned and arrange on the plate, carve the duck breasts into two slices and season with sea salt, place on the plate, and finish with the dressing, and some picked watercress.