Local artist Richard White to be one of the first to exhibit at new Ipswich café

Seascape 2018.jpg

Local artist, Richard White, will be one of the first to exhibit at a new café and gallery space in Ipswich this summer.

The Green Room, on St Margaret’s Green in Ipswich, will provide local artists a space to exhibit their latest works. Richard will be one of the first artists to occupy the walls of the café with an exhibition running from 17th June – 30th June 2019.

Richard is well known for his stunning seascapes and explorations of the natural world. Inspired by corners of the landscape that could seem unremarkable, Richard finds subjects for his paintings in a mass of intertwined shapes and abstract forms made by shadows.

“Water is always a particular fascination to me,” explained Richard, “Whether it is the open sea or the woodland ponds. The ocean’s empty horizon and repetitive movements are captivating, mesmerising and instil contemplation and peacefulness.”

Richard’s paintings have origins in his own black and white photographs. Through a labour intensive process, Richard transfers the image to a canvas with great care and precision. He will decide intuitively on the palette colours, allowing the overall feeling of the painting to develop as the creative process continues.

Each painting can take months to complete and Richard enjoys exploring different approaches and mediums. Some paintings are more about rhythm, form and design, rather than capturing nature in reality. Richard is interested in only referring to, rather than describing, natural phenomena, concentrating instead on spatial complexities with a decorative edge. His paintings incorporate heightened colour schemes and dream like qualities that make them mesmerising to behold.

During the exhibition, Richard will be at the café to chat to visitors about his work and will occasionally be painting at the space.

The Green Room has been founded by Su-Ling to be a community focused venture with collaborative workshops, changing exhibitions and soul nourishing food. Opening on 17 April in a Georgian building which was once an antique shop, The Green Room will serve up Small Batch Coffee and a French inspired menu. Expect to find a relaxed, creative environment – a place to sit and read, view the artwork on the walls and maybe listen to someone playing the piano in the corner.

Come along to The Green Room from 17th June – 30th June to see Richard’s exhibition and soak up the atmosphere of this new cultural hotspot.

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