Baked Parmesan custard, roasted parsnip, charred peach, red vein sorrel, sultana and ginger jam, pecan crumble, maple dressing.

Looking to impress your family or wow dinner guests? This savoury custard from the Sibton White Horse could be your show-stopper


90g grated Parmesan
125g cream cheese
2 medium eggs
100ml double cream
Salt and pepper
250g stem ginger and syrup
275g sugar
50ml white vinegar
50g sultanas
Small bottle maple syrup
25g pecans
2 peaches
1 parsnip
Red sorrel leaves to garnish


  • Baked Parmesan Custard

    1. Place 50g Parmesan, 125g cream cheese and 2 whole eggs into a blender and mix until smooth. Remove to a bowl and add 100ml of double cream and a pinch of salt and pepper, mix thoroughly.

    2. Take four 200ml Dariole moulds and line with cling film. Pour the Parmesan mixture into the moulds until each is three quarters full.

    3. Place moulds into a tray and filled with water, until moulds are about one third submerged. Place the tray in a pre-heated oven at 180°C and bake for approximately 45 minutes or until set.

  • Sultana & Ginger Jam

    1. Place 250g of stem ginger and syrup, 125g sugar, 50ml white vinegar, 75ml water and 50g sultanas into a pan and stir and slowly cook until thick.

    2. Place into blender and blend until smooth.

  • Maple Dressing

    1. Place 100ml water, 50g sugar and a splash of red wine vinegar into a pan and boil until the mixture starts to thicken.

    2. Stir in the maple syrup to taste.
      Allow to cool before serving.

  • Charred Peach

    1. Halve and stone the peaches

    2. Sprinkle with pinch of caster sugar and roast under a grill until soft.

  • Roasted Parsnip

    1. Peel and cut the parsnip length ways into four.

    2. Blanch the parsnip pieces until partially cooked.

    3. Roast in the oven along with a little oil, salt and pepper until golden and fully cooked.

  • Pecan Crumble

    1. Dissolve the 100g sugar into 50ml water, then boil until golden, do not stir.

    2. Take off the heat and add the pecans and a pinch of salt.

    3. Pour onto parchment paper and allow to cool.

    4. Place in a food processer and blitz until small crumbs.

  • Parmesan Crisp

    1. Take the remaining 40g of grated Parmesan and split into four small piles onto a baking sheet.

    2. Melt under the grill until the cheese slightly changes colour. Allow to cool.


Remove Parmesan custard from the mould and position in centre of plate, position peach, parsnip, crisp, sultana and ginger syrup using our photograph as your guide. Drizzle maple syrup and garnish with red sorrel leaves.

David Murty moved to Suffolk ten years ago and after cooking in Beccles for two years, David moved to a very enjoyable role at The Anchor at Walberswick. It was there that he really became enthused by fresh, local and seasonal produce. During his time at The Anchor, the kitchen team was awarded two AA Rosettes. David’s career took another step forward when he teamed up with David Little at Satis House Hotel. With two AA Rosettes already in place, both David’s were involved with serving up some of the finest food in the region at the time. David stayed for three years furthering his skills.

Having spent a couple of years working in Southwold, David is back in a two Rosette team, happily heading the kitchen at the Sibton White Horse. He said “I’m really happy here, we’re a small operation with a massive passion for everything we do,
I just love the ethos about the place”.