Westleton Crown

The countryside around Westleton is surely some of the most beautiful in the county. Heath, forest and open grasslands stretch for miles and there are plenty of well-mapped routes for avid walkers.

We’ve already published our two favourite circulars from The Westleton Crown along with the ever popular Inn to Inn route – also a circular but a longer route via The Ship at Dunwich. So it’s time to pull these together into one of Darcy’s popular ‘collections’ in readiness for the crisp winter days that call for a good ramble ending in front of an open fire at a dog friendly pub.

The walk




STOPS: Westleton Crown



Always keep your dog under close control and follow any advisory signs. Please download a map for reference before setting off.

    1. Route 1 - Blue Route

      Heading north east out of the village route one heads towards the coast via the woodlands surrounding the Westleton Heath Nature Reserve. Soak in the tranquillity because you’ll be hard pushed to find a phone signal out here – so download your map or print it out before-hand. Just one call for attention, make sure you chose the right path at point 3 – taking an OS map out with you might be a useful backup. If you’re following the combined map please take care to follow only the blue numbers.

    2. Route 2 – Purple Route

      His is the shortest of the three routes at approximately 3.5 miles but never-the-less there’s still plenty of stunning scenery to enjoy. There’s a short stretch on quiet lanes so just beware that traffic volumes vary depending on the day and time of your walk. Heading out over farmland and back along the heath path you’ll still see plenty of wildlife too. If you’re following the combined map please take care to follow only the purple numbers.

    3. Route 3 – Red Route

      The Inn to Inn route is a beautiful walk – over lapping in parts with route 1 but taking you down to the coast at Dunwich too. It returns through the nature reserve and all in all has to be one of our very favourite walks, not least because of the half way stop! Keep your eyes peeled for muntjac, as well as the very many birds that make this very special area their home. If you’re following the combined map please take care to follow only the red numbers.