Ufford Park Hotel, Golf & Spa

Ufford Park Hotel, Golf & Spa is the latest dog-friendly Suffolk venue to welcome Darcy

When a path that you know suddenly opens up new possibilities it’s a real joy for walkers. Examining maps and make connections from one’s own experiences is worth the time in my opinion and this new Pub Walk is a product of exactly that.

Taking the clockwise route around the Ufford park golf course perimeter may seem a simple choice but by joining up with footpaths that take us towards Melton there’s also the opportunity to divert and extend this walk (at point 4) all the way down to Wilford Bridge
and along the river path to Woodbridge if you really fancy a longer leg-stretch.

The path around the golf course is a gentle stroll and if you’re only looking for a short walk this in itself will suffice. The loop above Melton is where the views open up, all the way down to the Deben with plenty of opportunity for your dog to have a good run.

The hotel itself is dog friendly with only the pool and restaurants out of bounds so head back for refreshments, however far you choose to wander.

The Walk

DISTANCE: Approx 3 miles

TIME: 1 hour – depending on pace

TERRAIN: Sandy / grassy paths and woodland

STOPS: Ufford Park Hotel, Golf & Spa

OS MAP: Explorer 212


As always please keep your dog under close control and follow any advisory signs. Always check the map before setting off.

    1. From the car park at Ufford park Hotel Golf & Spa head on to the perimeter track where it starts just past the entrance to Congo Rapids Adventure Golf. Please do not reverse the route as walkers and runners are asked to keep to a clockwise direction ensuring they’re always facing play on the golf course.

    2. After approximately 1 mile you’ll reach the 15th tee and there’s an opportunity to exit the perimeter track into Old Church Lane. Turn right. Although the road is very quiet be aware of oncoming traffic and keep your dog under close control. After a short distance you’ll reach Decoy Farm on your left.

    3. At Decoy Farm turn left and take the path in front of Decoy Cottage (at roughly right angles to the road and not down to the barns) following the Footpath sign.

    4. After approximately half a mile the path goes in to a wooded area with a large tree and an opening to your left. Take this opening and turn right at the footpath markers.

    5. When you reach the main road turn right – there is verge and pavement all along.

    6. At Old Church Road turn right. It’s a quiet lane but take care as there may be some traffic.

    7. When you reach the gate where you left the Ufford Park perimeter track re-join the path but turn left to continue the path in a clockwise direction. The path takes you back to the Clubhouse and Hotel carpark.