Cretingham for Darcy’s latest pub dog walk. The start point for this circular route is the dog-friendly clubhouse at Kingfishers which is nestled in 120 acres of stunning rural Suffolk. It’s just to the west of Framlingham and easily accessible yet largely unspoilt.

Ordinance Survey has recently updated the walking routes for the area and as a result Kingfishers has published three walks, one of which we’ve adopted this time around. It’s a straightforward loop but you’ll need to pay close attention to the instructions as in parts it’s clearly not been heavily walked.

En route you’ll enjoy the county’s famous broad arable landscape as well as quiet winding lanes and some short woodland stretches too. As you return through the golf course please be mindful of play happening around you and enjoy the warm welcome for you and your dog the Clubhouse.

The walk

DISTANCE: Approx 3.5 miles

TIME: 1 hour and 15 minutes - depending on pace

TERRAIN: Quiet roads, field edges, woodland paths

STOPS: Kingfishers at Cretingham Country Park

OS MAP: Explorer 212


Always keep your dog under close control and follow any advisory signs. As the last part of this walk passes through Cretingham Golf Course please ensure that you are courteous of other users; for your own safety please wait if necessary while play progresses where the path crosses the fairways and please clear up after your dog. Please download a map for reference before setting off.

    1. Starting in the car park at Kingfishers, head out of the country park along the access road.

    2. At the junction with the road turn left, the road continues around the right-hand bend and ahead. You’ll be on this lane for around three quarters of a mile and although it was exceptionally quiet when we visited (we met just one car) please be aware that on different days and at different times of day traffic volumes may vary.

    3. Before you reach Dove’s Farm follow the clearly marked footpath (green Footpath sign) to your right which takes you up into a field.

    4. At the field boundary continue along the path ahead (meeting the track from Dove’s Farm).

    5. After approximately 100 yards follow the yellow way-marker as the path turns to the left through some trees and you’ll see the field opening out a little way ahead. Follow the path around the zig-zag bends.

    6. Just before the tree line cross into the next field (see map). There are a couple of white posts that roughly mark the spot however this is one of the less-walked parts of the route so may not look obvious. Continue ahead passing under the pylons (dashed line on map).

    7. At the field boundary follow the yellow way-marker and take the small bridge into the next field.

    8. At the next field boundary there’s another yellow way-marker taking you into a lightly wooded area. Continue ahead.

    9. At the end of the wooded area take a sharp right, follow the yellow marker and pass into the field over a plank bridge. Cross the field. The path isn’t obvious but be reassured when you reach another yellow marker in the tree line ahead and continue along the field edge.

    10. At the access road to Sparke’s Farm turn right (see map) and follow the path.

    11. At the road turn left, passing a property called Ten Pots on your right.

    12. Continue round the corner and at the end of Ten Pots’ garden take the access lane to Moat Farm.

    13. Just before the farm house the path turns right, taking you off the lane, following the yellow way-marker. Continue directly across the field ahead of you (when we visited the farmer had left the central path very well marked).

    14. At the field boundary take the steps up through the tree line and on to the golf course. Turn left and follow the perimeter. As the path bends you’ll be able to see the roof line of the one of the holiday lodges to your right and the raised 10th tee. Follow the natural sweep of the path between the fairways, heading towards the tee and you’ll take up a gravel path leading you back to the Clubhouse. Alternatively continue around the perimeter and join the central path a little further along.