Pan fried breast and braised leg of pheasant with artichoke and spinach risotto and steamed local kale

 Oli Burnside, The Plough & Sail, Snape



Serves 4


2 whole pheasants (prepared by your butcher, keeping the bones)

2 litres chicken stock

1 onion

1 stick celery

2 carrots

2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed

1 sprig thyme

4 Jerusalem artichokes

100 ml double cream

75 g butter

100 ml water

500 g risotto rice

Handful of spinach, chopped

Handful of kale

Salt and pepper, to season

Small bunch of parsley



1. Keeping the pheasant legs and breasts to one side, add the remaining bones to the chicken stock and simmer for one hour to add flavour. Remove the bones, set aside and keep warm.


2. Next, finely dice the onion, celery, one carrot and the garlic. Sweat in a pan until soft and add the thyme. Add the pheasant legs and half the chicken stock. Simmer for two hours until the legs are soft. Then, remove the legs from the pan and strip the meat from the bones. Continue to reduce the stock until it reaches a sauce-like consistency, before adding the remaining diced carrot. Add the leg meat back to the sauce and keep warm.


3. For the artichoke puree – peel the artichokes and cook until soft. Add the cream, butter and water and blitz until pureed. Season to taste.


4. For the risotto – cook the rice as per the packet instructions, using the remaining stock. After the risotto is cooked, add the artichoke puree, chopped spinach and finely chopped parsley.


5. For the pheasant breasts – pan fry skin side down for colour and then place in a preheated oven at 180C for 7 minutes until cooked. Leave to rest for 4 minutes whilst the dish is finished.


6. Finally, blanch the kale in salted water and serve the dish, as pictured