Open Mike: Hilarious “Overblown Satire” Novel Tears Up Suffolk Pub Amateur Music Scene

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While Ade Cory has donned the stages of various Suffolk pubs dozens of times, and treats open mic night as a creative bit of fun, he’s well aware of its fierce rivalry among both musicians and landlords. In fact, it’s more cutthroat as the professional music scene!

In his side-splitting new satirical novel, ‘Open Mike’, Cory pens a highly original, grassroots and Suffolk-endearing tribute to everything open mic and everything pub culture. It’s a slice of British life that rarely gets celebrated.


A story of love, moosic and a number of pigs.
Mike Grimshaw runs the local grocery shop in the quiet Suffolk village of Peasenhall. While the eccentric nuances of rural life spin around him, Mike manages to stay sane by playing guitar at amateur Open Mic nights in his local pub, The Whipped Peasant. When Mike finds love with Jules, the resident midwife, he appears to finally have some control over his life. However, the close attentions of the pub’s award-winning French chef, and the ongoing battle for Open Mic supremacy between The Whipped Peasant and its close neighbour, The Startled Goose, ensure Mike’s troubles are far from over. 
All, however, will be decided in the dramatic Battle of the Pubs finale.

“As I’ve toured the pubs to entertain people, I’ve always relished the opportunity to meet the myriad of quirky characters that grace our local music scene, as well as the boundless eccentricities of Suffolk life,” explains the author. “This book celebrates them in all of their weird glory, along with enough references to songs, films and foodstuffs from the 70s and 80s to delightfully appeal to the average open mic night’s demographic.”

Continuing, “Yes it’s fiction – but it’s all inspired by things I’ve experienced. As an adoring fan of people like Tom Sharpe and Eddie Izzard, I’ve of course exaggerated it all, blown everything out of proportion and used an epic truckload of creative license!”

Early reviews have been impressive. For example, Richard Ash comments: “This is Cory at his absolute best - a hilarious writer who really takes his readers with him on a journey. Each character is cleverly created and whilst the authenticity of each is credible, you never know when another fallibility or twist will be laid bare. I always like his interaction and the storyline is both fast paced, funny and builds up nicely to a fantastic conclusion.”

Saj Chowdry adds: “Spot the musical quotes in this knockabout comedy set in rural Suffolk. Two headed dogs and cross-dressing northerners included for free.”

‘Open Mike’ is available now in paperback on Amazon.


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