A New Public Access Defibrillator for Woodbridge

Rev Martin Dawes and the new Defibrillator at Woodbridge Methodist Church

Woodbridge now has a new defibrillator ( a PAD ) available for public access 24 hours a day at the north end of the town.

Thanks go to the members of Woodbridge Methodist Church for their fundraising efforts, including a concert by Woodbridge Orchestral Society, and also to the Woodbridge Town Pastors for their generous donation.

The Methodist Church, situated in St John’s Street Woodbridge, has placed it on the wall of their car-park, easily accessible from the end of the Thoroughfare and the houses around the church. It has been registered with the East of England Ambulance Service and joins the other seven defibrillators around the town, including one at the Riverside Theatre, two at Co-Op stores, one at Woodbridge School, one at the Evangelical Church, one at St Mary’s Church Centre and one at the Cruising Club.

Sheena Rawlings, Woodbridge Town Councillor, welcomed the new PAD as it now serves an area previously without one. Rev Martin Dawes, the minister of the church, and also one of the town pastors explained, “Defibrillators are an important part of the arrangements for certain types of critical heart emergencies. This PAD will enable our church first-aiders and the Town Pastors as well as members of the public to offer one more important capability to their response”.

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