The Hadleigh Ram becomes first
Dementia friendly Restaurant in Hadleigh

Dementia has become increasingly common as a condition that has affected people for many years however it is only latterly the condition has been more in the public eye.

Dementia affects many individual and families alike, especially when confronted by a change in environment, such as a bar, restaurant or hotel and because of this can be a deterrent for those living with dementia  and their families going out, for fear of embarrassment or rejection.

In order to help people live well with dementia and encourage them to continue normal life, Stuart Inns in collaboration with Hadleigh Dementia Action Alliance, arranged for their front of house staff to attend dementia friends information session so they can offer the required standard of service when necessary.

Having undergone the necessary Dementia training provided by Hadleigh Dementia Friends we are very pleased to announce The Hadleigh Ram became a Dementia friendly restaurant on Saturday 2nd July 2016, the first Dementia Friendly restaurant in ‎Hadleigh‬, Suffolk‬.
Lorna Pissarro commenting on the award said – “with dementia now more understood by people it is important we at Stuart Inns and our staff do all we can to meet the expectations of customers who may suffer from this condition and make them and their families feel even more welcome when in unfamiliar surroundings.”

Tracey Loynds, Chair of the HDAA said – “we are delighted that Stuart Inns and the team at the Ram agreed to become the first dementia friendly restaurant in Hadleigh.  Every time a new business signs up to the Alliance, we move one step closure to making Hadleigh a dementia friendly community.    

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