FIRE STATION CAFÉ & CAKE SHOP BAKERY in Woodbridge launch £75,000 crowdfunding campaign
to create new café-restaurant serving
bread, coffee, pizza, & burgers

David Wright & Christian Stevenson.jpeg

Third generation Woodbridge baker, David Wright of Fire Station Café and Cake Shop Bakery in Woodbridge Suffolk has teamed up with DJ BBQ, aka Christian Stevenson, to transform David’s 73 year old family bakery and newer Fire Station café and coffee roastery into a multi-dimensional allday restaurant and cafe celebrating food cooked with fire - the best bread, coffee and wood-fired pizzas as well as Stevenson’s burgers and BBQ food.

To achieve their dream, the pair will launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise £75,000 on April 4th - the same day that DJ BBQ launches his third book, The Burger Book. Two of the most dynamic characters in food met at a festival in 2014 when Christian discovered that David’s brioche buns made the best burger buns he’s ever eaten and they struck up a great friendship.

Christian is a live fire chef and pit master with a career fronting shows for MTV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 and now with his own YouTube channel with 175,000 followers and a regular on Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube. Christian is to move to Suffolk and will be involved in the new restaurant on a daily basis. Christian says: “This in an incredible opportunity for me to team up with David, who in my opinion is the best baker in the world. Combining his skillset with my knowledge of meat and fat gives us an unbeatable offer to open a restaurant in Woodbridge!”

The goal is to raise £75,000 to kit out the new restaurant. Over the last 6 years over £300,000 has been invested in the Cake Shop Bakery and Fire Station giving them a great platform to build on. The majority of the investment will go on the new kitchen, the beating heart of the operation, providing new wall coverings, ovens and other equipment. It will also pay for new tables, and chairs, new toilets and two delivery bikes (one pedal pike and one scooter) so they can deliver wood-fired pizzas.

Christian says: “I’ve been cooking fire food at festivals since 2012 and people always tell me ‘it’s the best food they’ve ever eaten, not just at festivals, ever - where’s your restaurant?’. Now I finally have the chance to open my restaurant in Woodbridge where people can get my food all year round.” He adds: “I’ve been coming to Suffolk for five years to host Jimmy’s Festival and staying with Jimmy Doherty and his family and I’ve come to love the area and really exciting to be moving here with my three boys to bring them up in the beautiful town of Woodbridge. I also like the idea that the area was home to an American airbase and to be bringing a little bit of America back to Suffolk!”

David says: “It's been well documented that bakeries, high street shops and restaurants are all struggling. We are no exception and this this incredibly difficult time you must either adapt to the needs of the modern customer or face a very austere future. We are very lucky to have some great resources built over three generations, I am lucky to have friends who are experts in their field such as Christian. Making the most of what we have and showing that there is life in an established business is what we've done for over 70 years. Now we must adapt, take some risks and go all in so that the business is still going for my grandchildren to enjoy. We want to have fun, show off our talent and provide for our families.”

The Cake Shop Bakery was opened by David’s grandparents in 1946 in a three-storey Victorian building and over the last few years has developed to ensure it meets the demands of today’s consumers. Rent and all the running costs including staff, energy, rates etc are covered by the business which means that 100% of the crowdfunding investment will go into the transformation. David and Christian have developed exciting rewards as thanks to anyone who invests in the campaign - from a limited edition badge by Lewis Heriz for £5 contribution, a shout out on DJ BBQ’s YouTube channel for £15, a Fire Station coffee subscription for £30, right up to a VIP launch party invite for £200 and 4 VIP tickets to Camp Bestival for £1000 and David and Christian visiting your house for a BBQ Cookout for 12 people for £3000.

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