Enough to Love a Multitude 

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A new collection of poetry Enough to Love a Multitude has recently been published by Suffolk poet Peter Watkins. Peter was formerly a psychiatric nurse working in in-patient & community settings in Ipswich and has written extensively, previous books about a compassionate understanding mental health issues & the care of those in extremis. He co- founded the Ipswich based arts in mental health charity Inside Out Community which offers mixed arts programmes in creative writing, fine art, music, singing, drama, dance, to anyone drawn to the arts as a way of recovering their mental health and well-being. Now in his retirement he has focused his creative life on his love of poetry.

He regards the poems in the collection as 'a counterbalance to to the many griefs of life which sometimes overburden us'. They are poems 'for nourishing the heart & spirit'. 'It is often in times of duress that we reach for a poem', he says, 'a poem that gives us a sense of consolation and lifts our spirit in some way'. Many of the poems in the collection are inspired by the landscape of the Stour estuary where he lives & by nature generally - 'a blue iris, a great tree, a passing formation of geese, have the power to take us out of ourselves in a paroxysm of delight if only we can be open to all that is astonishing in nature' Peter says. The book is available from the publisher Eye Wild Books who publish art & poetry books that are 'beautiful to hold & behold', in small print runs, from their garden studio in Shotley. For more information go to www.eyewildbooks.com or contact carol@green-lantern.co.uk     

Blue Iris

Then there was a single blue iris,

Full, open, at the zenith of its life:

Somehow proud though not through pride -

Glorious though seeking no glory -

Beautiful though not desiring that attribution -

Somehow joyful though not clinging to it’s joy -

Impermanent yet here now

In the fulsomeness of its being -

Somehow divine yet knowing nothing of its Godliness -

It’s blueness resonating in the heart and soul

Like a silent healing prayer -

And all I can say is thank you, thank you, over and over.

Peter Watkins

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