DanceEast Centre For Advanced Training Students Work Alongside
National And International Choreographers


DanceEast’s Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) students will be put through their paces by some of the most influential national and international choreographers, to begin creating work that will be performed in the CAT End of Year Show on Saturday 3 August at the Jerwood DanceHouse, 4pm and 7.30pm.

CAT Students are working under the direction of choreographers Sarah Blanc, Jess and Morgs, Joseph Toonga, Miranda Mac Letten from Protein Dance and Mathieu Geffre from Didy Veldman’s Umanoove.

Sarah Blanc is working alongside the level one students to refashion her work, History of Ireland. The dancers will recreate a beauty pageant scene about their heritage, using elements of theatre, comedy and dance.

Miranda Mac Letten, from Protein Dance will recreate a version of LOL (lots of love), with the CAT level two students. The reinvention will reflect societies inability to free themselves from their online identity, highlighting our growing obsession with the internet and social media.

Jess and Morgs, who have an interest in the ’dancing camera’, are creating a piece featuring live and prerecorded film with the students, while Joseph Toonga is working alongside an all-female cast of CAT students, creating a piece highlighting female empowerment.

The students who will graduate from the CAT this summer, are working with Mathieu Geffre to begin restaging The Knot by Didy Veldman’s Umanoove. The Knot premiered at the Jerwood DanceHouse in Spring 2018 and creates an atmosphere of a large wedding party in which the performers are the bride, groom, best man and bridesmaids, and the audience are the guests.

The CAT students will also get the opportunity to work with James Wilton Dance and Uchenna Dance during a summer intensive in July.

Resident at the Jerwood DanceHouse, the DanceEast Centre for Advanced Training is one of nine national Centres for Advanced Training in dance offering part-time, non-residential dance training to children and young people aged between 10 and 18 years with exceptional potential in dance. Applications to apply for the CAT are now open. If you know of someone aged between 10 and 16 years, that has a passion for dance, then visit to find out more.

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