cakes inspired by art

Ipswich residents are welcome to take part in this amazing Cake Art Competition being organised by The Outrageous Cake Company which will take part on Saturday the 21st September as part of Art Eat Festival.

The theme: cakes inspired by art. These can be elaborately decorated cakes, cakes as pieces of edible art, cakes representing a famous piece of art, an artist, an art movement or even art materials.

The festival and competition organisers are incredibly excited to see what entrants come up with, so get your cake design thinking caps on! It’s time to get sticky, throw some flour around, have a bake-off in your school, business or home and show off your talents to the experts. 

The competition is open to groups and individuals within the Ipswich area and is open to all ages and abilities, and there are two main cake themes: Decorated Cakes and

Novelty 3d Cakes.

Group Categories:

●     Schools
●     Businesses
●     Organisations
●     Misc

Rules: Each Group can enter a maximum of 10 cakes per group or one large cake (with no size restrictions!)

There are only 8 group spaces available so get your registration in soon.

Individual Categories:

●     Under 10’s
●     10-15 year olds
●     Adults

Rules: Individuals may enter a cake on a base with a maximum of 30cm Sq.

We have space for only 42 individual cakes so be quick and book your space asap!


21st September 2019


Quay Place, Key St, Ipswich IP4 1BZ

Registrations & Deadlines

Pre-register your space via our easy quick form on our website, registrations will be open until Saturday the 14th September at 12pm


Competition Timings:

9am - 11am                Cake Submissions and Registrations

11.30am - 1pm           Cake Judging

3 - 3.45pm                  Winners announced and presentations

3.45 - 4pm                   Cake procession with Brass Band convenes on Foundry Lane

4pm                             Art Cake Procession at 4pm

4.30pm                        Let them eat Art Cake! At Orange Zone Art Station


Art Cake Exhibition (Saturday Only)

10am - 3.30pm - Cake display open to the public

Quay Place, Key St, Ipswich IP4 1BZ


Ginger Bread Decoration (All Ages)

10.30 - 2.30 Novelty gingerbread decoration workshops.

Quay Place, Key St, Ipswich IP4 1BZ

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