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Anglia Ruskin University launches bold campaign
to drive student nurse numbers in East of England

The East of England’s NHS has staff shortages amounting to a ten per cent vacancy rate.[1] The NHS Long Term Plan recognises the urgency of the challenge, and Anglia Ruskin University  is committed to addressing the challenge in part through the launch of a brand-new student nurse recruitment campaign entitled: ‘A job. For life.’[2]

The University’s campaign takes a stand against the declining number of student nurses in the East of England by challenging the sometimes negative perceptions around nursing as a career. The recruitment campaign features bold images that reflect a day in the life of a nurse, from treating minor injuries to providing bed-side support to addressing the challenging healthcare issues that patients present with on a daily basis.

The thought-provoking campaign has been designed to highlight the benefits and joys of nursing as a career, address issues and misconceptions around the profession, and demonstrate the vital role of nurses in the NHS. 

“Anglia Ruskin University’s nursing courses are offered across the East of England with campuses in Chelmsford, Cambridge and Peterborough”, says Professor Taylor, Dean of Faculty.

“Our ‘A Job. For Life’ campaign breaks away from the stereotypical and traditional images of nursing. Nursing is a challenging career, but it is also incredibly rewarding and empowering. It’s time we talked more about the amazing opportunities and experiences that nursing brings, and the positive difference that nurses can make every day.”

The NHS is one of the biggest employers in the UK with a staggering 1.2 million employees, and nurses play a central and leading role in the organisations that make up the NHS.[3] However, 1 in 10 nurses leave the profession each year adding up to a record 47,000 vacancies.[4]  Across the UK, this number will increase to 68,500 by 2024 if no action is taken.[5]

‘A Job. For Life’ campaign launches in the East of England in June 2019 and will run for seven months until December 2019. It will be rolled-out across Instagram and FacebookAnglia Ruskin University has also created a series of outdoor advertisements across Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, including a 48-sheet billboard at Stansted and 98-sheet billboard at Rochester. 

“Our ‘A Job. For Life’ campaign reflects real examples of the vital work that nurses carry out, including the use of several patient-orientated images,” says Professor Taylor. “The images have been designed to challenge long-standing perceptions of nursing as a career. Our aim for the campaign is to create a talking point and ‘A Job. For Life’ does just that.”

Anglia Ruskin University excels in nurse education in three fields: Adult, Child and Mental Health.  It is equipped with state-of-the-art learning and clinical skills facilities that push the boundaries of nurse education.

The University will be holding several Open Days in 2019 for those interested in a nursing career. These will be held at the Chelmsford and Cambridge campuses on July 6th, September 28th and November 9th and the Peterborough campus on October 23rd.

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