An honest gentleman

Spring Tour

Director: Cordelia Spence

 Cast: Hayley Evenett, Geir Madland, Quinn Richards, Tim Lane

Watching a theatrical performance in a space other than a traditional theatre always adds a further dimension to the audience experience and this evening of entertainment from Stuff of Dreams Theatre Company was no exception. The main reception Hall of Christchurch Mansion gave an interesting mix of grandeur and intimacy with action taking place just feet in front of us – and around us!

Tim Lane and Cordelia Spence have created a warm hearted, witty and charming version of the lives of Thomas Easter (Quinn Richards) his love Temperance Fox (Hayley Evenett) and their encounters with Dick Turpin (Geir Madland), despite their rather gruesome end, and the comedy they’ve injected into the telling is engaging from the off.

Tim delivers his original score as our on-stage minstrel; driving and supporting the performance with rhythmic authority. With set and costumes changes all woven into the action the pace of the piece never drops and zips along beautifully.

Richards and Evenett make a dashing couple – well timed humour, strong vocals and well-rehearsed scenic moves pull us into their story. Madland delivers a suitably unlikable Turpin among other hilarious comedy cameos.

The tour continues throughout May – catch it if you can.


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