a way with words


31 May – 22 September 2019

Friday - Monday   11am - 5pm

The Lettering Arts Centre, Snape Maltings
Suffolk IP17 1SP

“A Way With Words” is a major touring exhibition celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society, with almost 100 selected pieces of calligraphic and lettering work, in a variety of media, to show the huge range of ways to express words visually and beautifully.

This exhibition travels to venues in the north, south, east and west of the country, and the vast majority of work will be on display at the final stage of its journey at The Lettering Arts Centre for almost 4 months.

In an increasingly visual society, calligraphy has gained popularity as people appreciate the skilful demonstration of scripts and styles.  It is also a thriving and popular craft skill that encourages anyone with a love of words to express themselves.

Traditional manuscript painting and gilding can be seen alongside many other techniques, such as writing on metals or glass, work with nibs, brushes and other tools, paints, inks and engraving, linocuts and digitally manipulated images.

The Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society (CLAS) is one of the largest western lettering societies in the world.  It is based in the United Kingdom and has an extensive membership in Europe as well as many other countries. CLAS is a registered charity that aims to provide educational support for its members and the wider public, as well as raising standards in calligraphy and lettering. It holds a variety of national and international events such as the annual week-long Festival of Calligraphy, day and weekend workshops and touring exhibitions.

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