February 2021

Glasswells Commercial Storage Expansion

Glasswells Commercial Storage and Warehousing facility in Bury St Edmunds has doubled its pallet storage capacity in response to high demands.

Whilst the retail and catering side of the Glasswells business has experienced a stop-start year, their warehouse and distribution centre, based on the Moreton Hall in Bury St Edmunds, has continued to service its third-party business storage customers throughout.
The family-run independent business, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, saw a rapid pick-up in demand over the autumn, with customers stockpiling ahead of the final Brexit negotiations. They soon realised that demand would exceed the 1,500 pallet positions available.
“Some of our biggest customers store things like packaging for food, grouting compound, grass seed and agricultural netting to protect soft fruits, and clearly these companies were building up stock prior to Brexit, with their production levels exceeding supply.” Paul Glasswell, Managing Director, explained, “We had to do something quite rapidly to accommodate the needs of these customers; otherwise we were in danger of their storage being placed elsewhere.”
The availability of racking was an immediate problem; lead times were 8 -10 weeks for new racking, which obviously would not achieve the objective of creating some additional space quickly. However, they found enough racking in the second-hand market to create an extra 1,500 pallet positions, doubling the overall capacity. Glasswells use specialist articulated forklift trucks that pivot between the forks and the body of the truck, allowing the vehicles to operate in narrow aisles, making them very efficient in maximising the space.
Paul Glasswell added, “Now that the new racks have been installed, we are fast filling them up with the product that is coming in to us from existing and new customers. We offer a simple and competitive solution for any business needing to store goods on pallets, from short-term storage, to a full pick, pack and distribution service from our purpose built warehouse situated just off the A14 corridor to the Port-of-Felixstowe.”