Month: April 2020

Dealing with relationship breakdown during times of uncertainty

28 April 2020

Anyone who has experienced relationship breakdown understands how difficult a time it can be. For couples and families going through the process at the moment, there is the added challenge of the coronavirus pandemic, which has undoubtedly made an already-stressful time worse.
Whether you have already started to take action or are considering the options the challenges being faced may seem impossible to overcome if you are all required to be under the same roof with Covid-19 restrictions. However, family lawyers are ensuring that they do all they can to keep families and individuals supported.

Take a virtual tour of Innovative Forms: The Lettering of John Skelton at the Lettering Arts Trust

28 April 2020

Just before ‘lockdown’ the Lettering Arts Trust was delighted to launch a long-anticipated exhibition: “Innovative Forms: TheLettering of John Skelton”. Curated by John’s daughter Helen Mary Skelton, this intriguing retrospective has been in development for more than seven years. It brings together examples of public and private projects that demonstrate the breadth of John Skelton’s artistic experiments in lettering and how he based his work upon tradition – and then broke away from it.

Prettys Covid Assist

20 April 2020

Help is at hand for local businesses that need legal advice as a result of the devastating Covid 19 outbreak. Prettys solicitors in Ipswich are offering up to an hour of free consultation without obligation to assist and support local businesses.

Local Pub Offers Help By Delivering Hot Meals

9 April 2020

Tough times can bring out the best in people and we’ve all seen some incredible acts of kindness over the last few weeks, some have been small and meaningful while others are ongoing and logistically tough. One local project needs your help to spread the word to isolated individuals in rural areas.

Style, Colour & Craftsmanship

6 April 2020

In recent weeks, many of us have been spending far more time than we usually do at home and in households all over the country there are conversations happening around home improvements.