March 2020


DanceEast have programmed free digital dance classes to raise morale and encourage the nation to come together and stay active while at home.

Amidst all the fear and uncertainty around Coronavirus, lockdowns and toilet roll shortages,
we all need more reasons to be cheerful. DanceEast are keen to ensure access to their
services remain possible for all during this period of isolation and will be releasing free classes
via YouTube each day, beginning at 10.00am on Monday 30 March 2020.
The digital programme will mirror the current activity that DanceEast provides, adapted to
suit the home environment and will feature classes for all age groups, from tots upwards, as
well as chair-based exercises for those with limited mobility. DanceEast dance artists will lead
their digital audiences through light exercises – raising morale, and more importantly
reducing the negative effects of inactivity and inevitable boredom. The range of classes
include yoga, Pilates, ballet, ballet barre and contemporary. In addition, there will be warm
up and cool down videos for guidance.
The programme will follow a timetable, to help those who are missing the benefits of
structure in their lives and will be available to watch on YouTube during the class time.
Brendan Keaney, Artistic Director and Chief Executive of DanceEast says:
‘We at DanceEast believe that everyone has the right to enjoy great dance and the social and
physical benefits it offers. A lot of people are working, learning and self-isolating at home for
the next few weeks and we don’t want people to lose those benefits. For this reason, we have
developed a free online class programme, which will go live on Monday 30th March. Why not
use this as a moment to come together with family, friends and work colleagues and all take
part in the classes at the same time from the comfort of your own home – making it a regular part of your working or home school day? Keep an eye on our website for the timetable. For
now – home is where the dance is!’
Research supports that dance as an activity makes an enormous contribution to our physical,
social and creative health and wellbeing. As both an expressive and physical activity, dance
has a particular role to play in times of stress. Dancing increases the heart rate and stimulates the brain, even if the movement is adapted for limited space - these 15-minute classes will give everyone a reason to be cheerful.