March 2020

Suffolk’s first virtual art exhibition launches to support community mental health

Dennington Arts. A space born of and nurtured by local artists. A space for everyone.

As life as we know it is changing rapidly around us, and the things we take for granted melting away like the winter snow, communities are working hard to remind each other that it is yet spring. That Nature doesn’t give up – it metamorphoses, harmoniously almost. As must we. To being kind(er), to being (more) responsible, to spreading hope. To standing by each other, together, conflict-free.

In this spirit, Dennington Village Hall’s spring art exhibition ‘Awakening’ is now being remoulded as a 360˚ virtual tour. Previously scheduled for 11–13 April 2020, the much-awaited art exhibition feared cancellation following the government’s most recent advice regarding social and public events and minimising spread of COVID-19. Not to be deterred, the organisers have come up with an ingenious plan to support the participating artists as well as the community counting on them – to launch Suffolk’s first, fully interactive, virtual art exhibition!

This virtual tour will allow you to explore the exhibition from the comfort of your own home, via your device of choice – your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. Access the link on opening day, 11 April 2020, 10 am onwards. Simply click or tap and drag your view to walk around the newly refurbished Dennington Village Hall and explore the exhibition, as if you were actually there. Fifteen artists, over a hundred pieces of art. Each artist will have their own section in the tour with a profile and link to more information.

So if you're social distancing, isolating, in quarantine, feeling low and/or trying to make sense of these trying times, this exhibition curated by Dennington Arts is something to look forward to. Supporting communities is one way in which we can get through this. Together. Have fun exploring and stay safe!

Acknowledgments: The organisers, Dennington Arts, would like to thank Dennigton Village Hall and community for generously allowing use of the venue; Carl Lamb, ambientLight, who agreed to produce the virtual tour under difficult circumstances; curators Rosie Mckenzie and Kristina Tonev, the two driving forces of the show; and last but not least, the artists who believed: Jillifar Amor, Sherie Brinkley, Gemma Christie, Brian Coetzee, James Maberley, Rosie Mckenzie, Joanne Penfold, Lorette Roberts, SirK, and Felicity Thirtle. With you this would not have been possible.