November 2019

Woodbridge Tide Mill Museum and the Company of Four celebrate successful first year of Halloween event “Thrill at the Mill”

Woodbridge Tide Mill Museum, along with local AmDram group ‘The Company of Four’ are celebrating the success of the recent ‘Thrill at the Mill’ events, hosted at the Tide Mill during Halloween on 31st October and 1st November.

The events, which raised funds for the upkeep of the historic and iconic building, entertained guests with the transformation of the Mill as it became the stage for a selection of haunting characters inspired by the Tide Mill’s grizzly history.

Tide Mill’s Chairman of Trustees, John Carrington says, “With the 850th anniversary of Woodbridge Tide Mill Museum approaching next year, I was thrilled to see the local community come and support this historic landmark. We’ve got such an integral piece of British history right here on our doorstep, so we’re happy that the money raised can keep the legacy going for years to come.”

Lily Griffiths from The Company of Four says of these events “The Company of Four are delighted to have been a part of this and can’t wait to continue to grow this event in the years to come. It was a joy to bring some of Mill’s haunted history to life and will be introducing even more surprises next year.”

Woodbridge Tide Mill Museum host a variety of events throughout the year to support the local community, and local schools can book educational visits for those interested in finding out more about iconic Woodbridge Tide Mill.