November 2019

Ipswich school puts students’ future first

Former students from an Ipswich state school are being asked to go back to the classroom to inspire current students to career confidence and academic success.

The students past and present from Copleston High School in Copleston Road have joined a programme run by the national education charity Future First which helps state schools and colleges develop ‘old school tie’ networks allowing them to harness the talents and experience of alumni to support the current generation.

The former students will return to volunteer at assemblies and workshops designed to motivate young people and broaden their jobs horizons so they are more likely to be able to achieve a career of their choice regardless of their background.

Copleston High School is one of a thousand state secondary schools and colleges across Britain which have worked with Future First. Future First’s vision is that every state school or college should be supported by a thriving, engaged alumni community that helps it to do more for its students. More than 240,000 former students nationwide have already signed up to stay connected with their old school. They’re motivating young people as career and education role models, mentors, work experience providers, governors and fundraisers.

Copleston High School wants to contact former students in established careers and recent leavers in further education, alumni who live nearby and those who have moved away.

Craig Macartney, Head of Business Development said, ‘In April 2020 Copleston will move into the New buildings. Copleston High School was built in 1939, and closed soon after the outbreak of World War Two to be a hospital . Copleston has always been proud of being a school at the Heart of the Community.

Being part of the Copleston Alumni will a fantastic opportunity for former staff, students and parents to re-energise, share their experiences and build bridges between past, present and future generations.

Copleston alumni will be a central pillar in raising aspirations for current and future generations.’

Beth Goddard, Future First Director of Programmes, said, ‘The transition from school to work is challenging for students and the benefits of employer encounters in the classroom is now widely recognised. Alumni volunteers who can share their careers experience, broaden students' jobs horizons and act as relatable role models are an integral part of any good school careers curriculum and helps inspire and motivate students to success, regardless of their background.'

Craig Macartney is waiting to hear from former students on Former students can also register with Future First by clicking the ‘For former students’ link on the website

For further information about Future First, visit, contact Press Officer Sue Crabtree on or call one of the team on 0207 239 8933.