The first issue of Essential Suffolk comes of the press at Suffolk Printer Micropress

The first issue of Essential Suffolk has just come off the press at Micropress in Reydon, Suffolk.

Essential Suffolk is published by Achieve More Media Ltd, former publishers of Places & Faces (Suffolk). Like Places & Faces Essential Suffolk will be mailed directly to top homes in east and mid Suffolk with additional copies positioned in over 200 quality venues across the county.

Lesley Rawlinson, Director at Achieve More Media, said "Essential Suffolk unashamedly targets the best homes in Suffolk putting our advertisers directly in front of readers who are more likely to be able to buy their products and use their services. This has proved to be a very successful model in the three years we have published to date and a reader survey we conducted last summer showed us that our readers are very responsive and love their exclusive magazine. Our new title allows us to build on this relationship and cover a wider geography. We have now added more copies in north Suffolk surrounding Halesworth and north Essex around Dedham, we think we can really call this a legitimate extension of Suffolk!"

"In addition to the new title" Lesley added " is our new website Our website allows us to cover more stories in more depth, increase our what's on coverage as well as giving access to the magazine to those people who may not be on our mailing list. We would love to send a copy to everyone who requests one but that's just not commercially viable. Before people who wanted to buy the magazine had to subscribe to 12 issues but now through the website single copies can be purchased too." 

Achieve More Media are pleased to be continuing their relationship with Mircropress based in Reydon near Southwold. Adrian Rawlinson said "Top class reproduction is key to us. We want to create a quality environment where our customers can showcase their businesses. Micropress consistently deliver the quality we demand." 


If you would like to subscribe to or purchase single copies of Essential Suffolk please visit the ESSENTIAL SHOP

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