Congo Rapids Lost World at Ufford Park celebrates 1st birthday!

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While Ufford Park is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year, there’s another significant birthday going on at the hotel, golf and spa venue – Congo Rapids Lost World Adventure Golf is approaching its 1st birthday having opened to the public on 20th June 2016.  

To celebrate, from Monday 19th June to Friday 23rd June 2017 inclusive, Congo Rapids is offering any customers who acknowledge its birthday when checking in at the golf reception, an extra ball to play a second round on the same day for free!

The 18-hole Adventure Golf course has proved to be popular with guests of Ufford Park and the wider public. It was designed to provide maximum visual impact. The journey starts on a self-propelled boat across the first of the water lagoons.

 Players visit the scene of a Congo Jungle plane crash as they play the first 5 holes – beware the cannibal cooking pot!  They will encounter a tiger, a 4-metre tall giraffe and many other animals.  Pass through the abandoned temple and ride on a raft into the Lost World where they will be greeted by life-sized dinosaurs.  A menacing T-Rex looks on as they play beside an erupting volcano and a 5-metre tall brachiosaurus waits for them just beyond by the 13th hole, before they head onwards through a giant dinosaur claw.

Players then return back through the Congo jungle into the ‘African village’ and have the chance for some last photos to include a panoramic view of the course.  They then exit through the jungle harbour to the sounds of jungle beat music.
The course has appeal to visitors of all age groups, and it has proved to be popular for children’s parties and corporate events alike.

Congo Rapids is open 364 days a year (Christmas Day is the only day it is closed), and in its first year the course has been lucky enough to have a run of exceptionally good weather, with not one single whole day of rain on any weekend or school holiday day recorded.

The course ‘record’ of 41 has been achieved by only a few people. Many customers have visited multiple times, with one particularly keen Congo Rapids visitor returning 13 times!

After a year of business, and having listened to customers, a new on-site kiosk has been built which will be open during peak times, eg certain school holiday days, to help reduce queues and allow management to keep the players flowing. Light refreshment will be available for sale from the kiosk during those times.  All visitors are also welcome to go into the hotel’s bar and restaurant areas before or after playing Adventure Golf for further refreshments. 
David Moore, founder of Congo Rapids said: “We’re delighted that our decision to open Congo Rapids Lost World at Ufford Park has been such a success in its first year.  Adventure Golf is fun for everyone to enjoy, and we are excited about what the future at Ufford Park, and other potential new sites, will bring.”

Tarnia Robertson, Managing Director at Ufford Park said: “When the idea for Congo Rapids Lost World was first presented to us we immediately felt that it would be a great complement to our hotel and golf offering.  We are so happy with what we have seen over the past year, and that families and other groups have really enjoyed playing Adventure Golf here.  We wish Congo Rapids a Happy 1st Birthday and many more to come.”


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